As the appointed digital agency for the launch of Disney Infinity, our objective was to develop an integrated digital campaign that could generate excitement and awareness around it’s release. Disney Infinity is an action-adventure sandbox game that connects real-life toys with digital counterparts, and for the first time in the company’s history, the entire Disney universe plays together in the same game.


Our strategy was based on the proposition Infinite Possibilities, Endless Fun under the consumer-facing communication of “Great Characters Make For Great Adventures”. Disney Infinity had several target markets: Disney fans, parents, and kids.

We brought the craziness and fun of the game to life with a responsive marketing website, playful custom YouTube channel, social activations that bridged the physical world with the digital world, social content, and a richly diverse media campaign.

Our first task was to design and develop the game’s HTML5 website modeled on consistency, scalability and responsiveness (CSR). An impactful design, playful copywriting and modular content gave a seamlessly fun experience across multiple devices.

launch site

We created one of YouTube’s first truly responsive and fully interactive branded channels with the same modular approach to design as the website. The channel aggregated social media feeds, video trailers and new characters and Play Sets as they were launched.

To bring the Infinite possibilities to life and showcase many of the characters and gadgets in the game, we created The Infinity Machine, a bespoke YouTube experience. Part fun slot machine and part video player, TIM allowed people to create combinations of characters and gadgets, then play the result from within the game.

see it in action

In this fun social activation, fans could vote on which quirky Disney Infinity Gadget we would build for real. Gadget Infomercials were seeded on YouTube and linked through to the voting Facebook App. Fans could then follow our Gadgeteers online as they designed, prototyped and built the winning gadget: the Toilet Paper Launcher!

We took Great Characters Great Adventures across the internet, targeting different target markets of parents, kids and fans with different creative executions:

  • "Infinity’s Play of the Week" on ESPN
  • "The Infinity Waiting Room" on
    Yahoo and ABC
  • "The Infinite Possible Banner" on Nickledeon
  • A cut-down of The Infinity Machine on YouTube’s homepage masthead. Click here to view


More than 1 million Disney Infinity Toy Boxes (the open world part of the game) were downloaded within the first two weeks of the game’s launch.

2014 World Expo Game Marketing Awards :

  • Outstanding Overall Marketing Campaign, Family Games (Music, Fitness, Kids, Etc.)
  • Best Use of Paid Digital Media, The Disney Infinity Machine YouTube Takeover

The Infinity Machine on YouTube spun over 250,000 times, with over 40,000 unique spins.

The Gadgetorium social campaign generated over 100,000 impressions across the Facebook, YouTube (infomercials for gadgets and content), Disney Infinity Tumblr, Disney Infinity Instagram and Facebook community pages.

Media results:
  • “Infinity’s Play of the Week” 26.1MM impressions on ESPN 11.5MM impressions on Yahoo! Sports
  • “The Infinite Possible Banner” Over-delivered impressions by 137K+ on Nickelodeon
  • “The Infinity Waiting Room” 11.5MM impressions on Yahoo!
  • The Infinity Machine YouTube masthead 55.9M impressions, 188K click throughs (4.21x average industry benchmark) and an interaction rate of 14.47% (6.8 x industry standard).