An epic journey into the making of an Oscar-winning masterpiece.

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The Objective

To celebrate the home entertainment release of Life of Pi, 20th Century Fox invited us to explore the depth and craft behind this award-winning film -- and to add a little of our own along the way. On the heels of our theatrical campaign, many fans already knew about Life of Pi; we now needed an inviting way to show them what they missed.

The Solution


A scroll-to-discover HTML5 experience that shows the value of Blu-Ray by taking fans on a journey through the film.

Each section of the site captures a key theme of the film, building from concept renderings to the finished film over one continuous experience.


Making Waves


227 Days at Sea


Meet Richard Parker


The Mysterious Island


Bringing Giants to Life

Our team scripted the experience from more than four years of archives and behind-the-scenes reference, also adding original renderings along the way.

As the user navigates through Pi’s journey, they are met with interesting facts and content: visual effects progressions, behind-the-scenes clips, rare concept art, footage of the set construction and interviews with members of the crew.

The Results

The format and experience of Pi’s Epic Journey has been broadly recognized as a new standard for home entertainment marketing and was awarded the only gold at Hollywood’s prestigious Key Art Awards. Altogether, over 3.7 million visitors explored Life of Pi to its fullest in the initial release.

Life of Pi not only took home four Oscars (more than any other film) at the 85th Academy Awards, but also became one of the top home entertainment releases of 2013. To quote the Writer within the film, having heard of Pi's epic journey: "So, your story does have a happy ending." Indeed.


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