One super-powered Kinect experience for fans across the globe. Snikt!

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The Objective

20th Century Fox approached us to bring “The Wolverine” to life through a real-world activation that would let fans feel the power of this beloved and complicated hero. The only catch? It needed to reach 18 different markets in two months… and we had only a short segment of the film available to reference. Gulp!

The Solution


An immersive Kinect experience that tests the mettle of your Adamantium claws in a race across Japan.

The activation put fans into the regenerative skin of their favorite hero, putting their claws to work against a Yakuza enemy in a two-minute battle through the streets of Japan. The experience literally brought fans into a key scene from the movie to feel the power of “The Wolverine” firsthand.

Kiosk Features

The experience was relayed across the globe through 18 custom-built kiosk displays.

Cutting Edge Technology

Microsoft Kinect is already known for its immersive control; but it also served as an iterative motion capture system to allow the team to push added realism into character animation and the world. Motion capture studio: $100, plus tax.

Sounds simple? Wasn’t.

The Kinect’s sensors were key to creating the super-powered effect.

Bringing Tokyo to Life

The monumental task of capturing Tokyo brought all of Ludomade’s varied talents together to create:

  • a colorful 3D cityscape racing alongside a speeding bullet train. Altogether the randomized course covered more than five miles
  • custom billboards populating the world with random Japanese products (and a few Easter Eggs)
  • one badass, real-time Yakuza AI

Socially Amplified

What good is slashing atop a bullet train if you can’t tell your friends about it? To spread awareness of the activation we programmed each Kinect unit to take a photo of every participant, which could then be shared from the movie’s community channels.

Even director James Mangold got into the action!

Going Global

Within two months we had designed, localized and manufactured 18 of the six-foot tall HD kiosks and shipped them in custom crates around the world -- from San Diego Comic-Con to Seoul. Each kiosk was then remotely administered with analytics and live support from the comfort of our Los Angeles studio.

The Results

With queues of people eagerly awaiting their turn and numerous press hits in each market, it’s safe to say The Wolverine ‘cut through’. This clip from the Philippines is our favorite, though we like Mashable and Yahoo News as well.

The top score achieved worldwide.

You know who you are… and you’re awesome.

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